Clinical care for sexual assault survivors: the use of a multimedia training tool

SOUAIBY N, SMITH J, NAJA L, MICHAEL S. Clinical care for sexual assault survivors: the use of a  multimedia training tool. Med Emergency, MJEM 2015; 23:3-9. Key words: Multimedia training tool, sexual and gender based violence, sexual assault survivors, training of trainers INTRODUCTION Sexual assault is a global public health and human rights challenge, and a particular threat to refugee and conflict-affected populations [1-3]. ...

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Analyse qualitative du conseil médical donné par les médecins généra listes et urgentistes du Service d’Aide Médicale Urgente

Piednoir A, Foudi H, Foudi L, Cesareo E, Tazarourte K. Qualitative analysis of medical consultation given by general practitioner and emergency physicians of the Emergency medical assistance system in France. Med Emergency, MJEM 2015; 23:15-20. Mots clés : Conseil médical, médecin généraliste, médecin urgentiste, régulation médicale, SAMU Keywords: Emergency medical assistance system, emergency physician, general practitioner, medical consultation, medical regulation

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