MANAGEMENT OF ANAPHYLAXIS IN EMERGENCY MEDICINE.* French Society of Emergency Medicine (SFMU) guidelines with the contribution of French Allergology Society (SFA) and the French Speaking Group in Pediatric Intensive Care and Emergency (GFRUP)

GLOAGUEN A, POUESSEL G, CESAREO E, VAUX J, VALDENAIRE G, GANANSIA O, RENOLLEAU S, BEAUDOUIN E, LEFORT H, MEININGER C. Management of anaphylaxis in emergency medicine. Med Emergency, MJEM 2017; 25:4-24. Key words: allergy, anaphylaxis, emergency medicine, epinephrine, guidelines Full article *This article was initially published as a French version in Annales Françaises de Médecine d’Urgence (Gloaguen A, Poussel G, ...

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