HIV and AIDS: global summary and basic facts

Rahal K, FRANGIEH M. HIV and AIDS: global summary and basic facts. Med Emergency, MJEM 2014; 21:27-31.
Keywords: AIDS, HIV, MARPs, Post exposure prophylaxis, prevalence rate

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Correspondent author: Kinana RAHAL, MS

HIV training officer

HIV/AIDS Unit, UNIFIL, Naqoura, Lebanon

Rahal K, MS1, Frangieh M, MS2

1. HIV/AIDS Unit, UNIFIL, Naqoura, Lebanon

2. Managing editor, Med Emergency, Fanar, Lebanon

Category: Continuous education

Received: Oct 8, 2014

Revised: Oct 29, 2014

Accepted: Nov 12, 2014

There is no conflict of interest to declare


Investing in AIDS is leading to concrete outcomes with an optimistic view to end this epidemic. Unfortunately, achievement and progress related to this disease are not fairly disseminated among high risk populations. There is a need to reform policies and punitive laws, in addition to ensuring adequate access to treatment without forgetting the importance of addressing stigma and discrimination, implementing an efficient awareness campaign and prevention program and services taking into consideration specificities of each region. HIV program must be integrated within the national disaster preparedness and response plans. International and national efforts need to rise, especially from the government side along with the civil society to efficiently overcome health threatening conditions facing vulnerable populations. This article addresses main findings and limitations in the region and serves as a reminder on basic facts versus myths and a global summary on HIV/AIDS.

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