Wound or medical device protection: benefits of the waterproof dressing secuderm®

LEFORT H, BON O, HERSAN O, TRAVERS S, BIGNAND M, TOURTIER JP. Wound or medical device protection: benefits of the waterproof dressing Secuderm®. Med Emergency, MJEM 2014; 20:3-8.

Mots clés : Secuderm®, pansement secondaire, cicatrisation, étanche, armée, polyuréthane, plaie
Keywords: Secuderm®, secondary dressing, wound healing, waterproof, army, polyurethane, wound


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Correspondent author: Hugues LEFORT, MD

Emergency Medical Service, Fire Brigade of Paris, Paris, France

1 place Jules Renard, 75017, Paris


Lefort H, MD1, Bon O, MD1, Hersan O, MD2, Travers S, MD1, Bignand M, MD1, Tourtier JP, MD1

1. Pre Hospital Care Department. Fire Brigade of Paris, France

2. SMPM, Paris, France

Category: Original article

Received: Nov 21, 2013

Revised: June 20, 2014

Accepted: July 23, 2014

There is no conflict of interest to declare


Aim: The wound is the consequence of an acute skin aggression either limited or spreading, sometimes iatrogenic, which may be worsened by a delay in care in peculiar circumstances. The aim of this study is to present the benefits and give potential indications of a waterproof dressing. This dressing guarantees the protection during the healing process and increases the patient’s compliance to the treatment of his wounds, even in difficult situations.

Methods: We used various dressings or means (primary adherent dressings, polyurethane film, cling film) to protect wounds in isolated or precarious care situations, but also in a more conventional context.

Results: Secuderm® is the only dressing that is waterproof, reliable for acute and chronic protection for repeated exposures to water: excessive sweating, friction of clothing, projection or complete immersion under water. We report the use of Secuderm® in different exemption situations: in Guyana during French military missions by the Navy divers, in Cameroon for the treatment of Buruli ulcers, after arthroscopy, to protect medical devices (catheters, etc.) on acute wounds, or even during patient exposure to a nuclear, radiological, biological or chemical risk (NRBC).

Discussion: To effectively protect a wound is difficult when the human resources and materials are limited. An efficient protection of the healing wound allows the resumption of professional, social and private activities in a certain comfort. Probably the only solution that is currently available, Secuderm® is a cunning waterproof protection for several days. Its indications are multiple whether in the treatment of acute, chronic or iatrogenic wounds, at the hospital, at home, in degraded situation or even when exposed to nuclear, radiological, biological or chemical risk. Prospective comparative studies are required.

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