torsade de pointes

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FRATTINI, B., Franchin, M., Luft, A., Klein, I., & Tourtier, J. (2021). CARDIAC ARREST CAUSED BY TORSADES DE POINTES?. Mediterranean Journal of Emergency Medicine, (23), 24-25. Retrieved from


Torsade de pointes (TdP) are a rare cause of cardiac arrest with very specific management. We report the case of an 82 years old patient, suffering a syncopal episode by torsades de pointes initially considered as cardiorespiratory arrest. The first line therapy treatment is based on intravenous magnesium administration to correct the consistently prolonged QT interval. In case of persistence of torsades and bradycardia, it is followed by an acceleration of the heart rate by means of atropine, an electro- systolic pacing or isoproterenol. Cessation of all QT-prolonging drugs and correction of electrolyte disturbances (frequent hypokalemia) are also essential.



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